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VIDEO – Pope Francis: “The doctor told me not to go”


Pope Francis greeted pilgrims traveling from Slovakia as he sat in his chair after the situation at his feet worsened.

“I will meet you, but there is a problem,” the 85-year-old sovereign pontiff told believers gathered in the Paul VI courtroom.

“The doctor told me not to go, I would like to go and greet the faithful, but this time I have to listen to the doctor.”

Members of the clergy and pilgrims then stood in line to greet the seated sovereign pontiff, who usually stands for such an occasion.

On Wednesday, April 27, during his weekly general audience, Francis walked slowly as he held an assistant’s arm and limped as he approached his seat.

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During Easter, Francis attended the services of St. Peter’s Basilica several times, but did not preside over them.

In addition to the knee problem, Francis also suffers from sciatica, which causes pain in the legs.

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