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VIDEO: RECORD – A couple won over $ 200 million in the Euromillions lottery in the UK


A couple who won over £ 184 million ($ 228 million) in the Euromillions lottery talked about when they found out they had won the record amount for the UK.

Joe and Jess Thwaite won a record £ 184,262,899 with bets chosen at random by the system.

The earnings will give the couple the money they need to work on the “dream” house they recently moved into.

Ms Thwaite said they bought the property to give their children a “rural lifestyle” and to share it with the three dogs, five chickens and three ponies.

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“Like many parents, we want to give our children everything we can. I always wanted them to be able to wake up in their pajamas, put on their boots and go out to feed the ponies, and I can do that here. The fact that the roof is leaking and the house needs to be renovated was fine, because it was the life we ​​dreamed of for our family, ”she said.

The previous record of 170 million pounds was claimed by an anonymous British player, and the biggest winners previously named are Colin and Chris Weir, from North Ayrshire, who won 161 million pounds in 2011.

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