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VIDEO: Russian planes form a “Z” in the sky. Repeat for “Victory Day”


The Russian Air Force performed a rehearsal of the annual Victory Day flight on Wednesday, May 4th. They flew over the Red Square in Moscow in a controversial “Z” formation.

The “Z” symbol is associated with what Russia calls “its special military operation” in Ukraine and has become a symbol of the ongoing conflict, which Kiev and the West consider an act of aggression.

Aircraft crews could be seen flying over the Russian capital before the celebration of Victory Day, which takes place annually in Russia on May 9 to mark the country’s victory over Nazi Germany during World War II.

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The letter “Z” was originally seen painted on the side of a military vehicle, but can now be widely seen in Russia, including official buildings, ordinary Russian cars, and social media as a show of support for the offensive. Russia.

Victory Day is one of the most important public holidays for many Russians, and Russia traditionally displays its military power with convoys of vehicles, weapons and troops marching through Moscow’s Red Square.

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