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VIDEO: The United States and South Korea launch rockets in response to attacks from the North


South Korea and the United States said they fired eight missiles earlier Monday in response to a barrage of short-range ballistic missiles launched by North Korea on Sunday.

The new president of South Korea has promised to take a tougher stance on North Korea, and the start of Monday could be a first step in that approach.

South Korea and the United States have launched eight ground-to-ground missiles.

A joint military exercise was a response to the missile barracks launched by the North just a day earlier.

The South Korean military was quoted by the country’s Yonhap news agency as saying that its actions demonstrate the ability and readiness to carry out a precision attack on North Korea.

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South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, who took office last month, has agreed with the United States to improve joint military exercises and their combined deterrent stance.

At a memorial service on Monday, he said the North posed a threat to regional and world peace.

“North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats are becoming more sophisticated. It launched various ballistic missiles yesterday. North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs are reaching levels that threaten not only peace on the Korean Peninsula, but also in Northeast Asia and the world. “

North Korea carried out an avalanche of missile launches this year, but Sunday’s short-range ballistic missiles were probably the largest individual test to date.

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Officials in Washington and Seoul also recently warned that Pyongyang appears ready to resume nuclear weapons tests for the first time since 2017.

Last month, the United States called for more UN sanctions against North Korea, but China and Russia opposed it.

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