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VIDEO: Two British aid workers, Paul Urey and Dylan Healy, captured by Russian forces in Ukraine


The two were reportedly captured at a checkpoint south of Zaporizhzhia. There are fears that Moscow will “present them as British spies.”

The non-profit Presidium Network said the two men, both civilians, were working independently on a project in Ukraine to provide food, medical supplies and evacuation support.

Dominik Byrne, co-founder of the Presidium Network, said the men disappeared on Monday (April 25th) after entering Russian-controlled territory, where they intended to help evacuate a woman.

Three hours after she was due to arrive at her home, the woman said she was questioned by Russian soldiers about two men they had taken, Byrne said.

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One of the men suffers from type 1 diabetes and needs insulin daily to manage his condition, Byrne said.

There was no immediate comment from the British Foreign Office, but British Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan told Sky News: “The Foreign Ministry is doing its best to support and identify these two people.”

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