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VIDEO – UN: Blocked Ukrainian ports a ‘war on global food security’


The failure to open Ukrainian ports is a “declaration of war on global food security,” the UN food chief said on Monday (May 23rd), calling for the port of Odessa to be opened to help resolve the crisis.

“If we don’t open the port of Odessa, it will only aggravate our problems, because we have to make those fields operational again, we have to fill the silos again, but we can’t empty the silos if we don’t make the ships move. It’s essential, “he said.

His warning comes just weeks after the UN food agency warned that nearly 25 million tonnes of grain were stranded in Ukraine due to infrastructure problems and blocked seaports.

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Ukraine has lost some of its largest seaports – including Kherson and Mariupol – to Russian occupation, and fears that Russia may try to seize a third, Odessa.

The war and the West’s attempt to isolate Russia caused the price of grain, edible oil, fertilizer and energy to skyrocket.

The Kremlin said the West had triggered the crisis by imposing the harshest sanctions in modern history against Russia.

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