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VIDEO: Yakovlivka residents rebuild their homes after Russian air raid


One month after Russian airstrikes destroyed their homes, residents of the Ukrainian village of Yakovlivka are beginning to rebuild.

Where there used to be houses, there are piles of rubble now.

Yakovlivka, a village of about 600 people, is about 20 kilometers from the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov.

It was hit by Russian bombings on March 3, leaving houses destroyed and craters in the ground.

Reuters met Vera Babenko, a resident there.

Her 66-year-old home was damaged by bombing.

Babenko said he was in the house when an attack took place. She and her family fled outside and hid under a cage when they heard the planes flying.

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A pile of rubble and a refrigerator is all that’s left of her kitchen.

Her son, Yury, showed Reuters a crater caused by the explosion, a few meters from the building.

“No one thought that after such an explosion, anyone could survive.”

Russia denies attacking civilians in what it says is a “special military operation” to demilitarize and “denazify” its southern neighbor.

Ukraine and its Western allies say this is an unfounded pretext for a war of aggression.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said that the military situation in the east of the country remains difficult, warning that Russia is preparing for new strikes in Kharkov and the Donbas region.

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But for now, residents of Yakovlivka are coming together to help rebuild what is left of their village.

For Vera, she says the first thing to do is rebuild her kitchen.

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