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Visual artist Alexandru Cînean: “Theatre naturally penetrated my visual world”

Alexandru Cinean painter

The “Mirage” exhibition, signed by Alexandru Cînean, can be visited until August 31 at the NO Gallery! HAI Creative Embassy in Sibiu

Alexandru Cînean opened the “Mirage” exhibition in Sibiu. The young artist established himself last year through the exhibition “EYE SB-you!”, with eyes painted on the windows of houses in Sibiu, included in the program of the International Theater Festival, and through the painting exhibition with the theme Faust: Vanity and Despair, after the famous performance of by Silviu Purcărete staged at the “Radu Stanca” National Theater in Sibiu.

Alexandru Cînean (33 years old) attended courses at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in painting in 2010, and in 2012 a master’s degree at the University of Art and Design. Noted for his talent during his studies, he was selected for a stay at the Academia delle Belle Arti di Torino, Italy during 2008-2009 as part of the European Erasmus project. In 2011, Alexandru Cînean was again the recipient of an Erasmus Scholarship. He did a three-month internship (November 2011-February 2012) in Belgium, in Thuin at the Antecedence/Ephemere Gallery. Currently his exhibition, “Mirage”, which has birds as its subject, is being held at the NO Gallery! HAI Creative Embassy in Sibiu until August 31.

How did you discover your passion for painting?complicated?

As a small child I started to create all kinds of toys and figurines from wood or clay that I would dream about at night and then paint them. It was quite an interesting process, but over time I focused more and more on painting. My parents saw that I had a sensitivity to art and I was supported by them, so I ended up studying at the Art High School in Sibiu. Here I discovered and deepened the first secrets of color and developed a love for painting.

You studied in Cluj-Napoca, after which tin Italy etand tin Belgium. What teachers Þthey have influenceÞwhat style? What extras did you benefit from? tafter studies tn strcomplicatedin thecomplicatedtits?

In my professional and artistic development, the scholarships I obtained at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca were of particular importance. During the years of study I visited many museums, workshops and art galleries, where I met numerous artists and people of culture with whom I had the chance to work both directly and indirectly.

From each one I learned and took over, what I thought suited me as a personality, and thus I managed to develop as an artist and create my own style of work.

In which register did you choose to paint, how did you find your artistic identity?

The themes and works fall into several registers such as the space of reality, but also in the area of ​​illusory and visionary with accents of neo-surrealism, in tangent with neo-realism associated with photorealistic accents, neo-romanticism and models from advertising or media, correlated in some places with quotes from the classics. Behind the image is the rigorous fixation of the subject and its implications, a documentation approach, an extensive effort of conception, processing, attention to the unity of the ensemble, but also to detail, with intense support at the chromatic level. In each project I managed to transpose a part of my identity, thus contributing to the creation of my own imprint.

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Faust: Vanity and Despair

Alexandru Cinean FAUST painter

How was the experience of painting scenes inspired by the show “Faust”?

In 2015 I was looking for a new artistic challenge. As the performance space of the play Faust moved from the Balanța hall to the Culture Factory, opposite my studio, from the idea to the project was just one more step. This is how Faust: Vanity and Despair was born, which drew me into the adventure of unfolding the multiple identities of the characters on screen. With the support and agreement of Mr. Constantin Chiriac, I attended several performances of the Faust show directed by Mr. Silviu Purcărete, I documented the project with numerous snapshots and preparatory studies on canvas, in an effort to understand the theatrical art at a deep level on the one hand and the manifestation of the actors’ self-awareness, on the other.

Alexandru Cinean show Faust painting

The Faust: Vanity and Despair project consists of 50 works of various sizes, which capture key moments from the play, reformulated in their own vision. I have also included in the exhibition the working sketches on canvas of the large works.

Alexandru Cinean painter

How did parrots come to be the subject of an exhibition, Mirage? What was their mirage?

After completing the exhibition Faust: Vanity and Despair, in 2017 I undertook a study at a specialized bird and parrot breeding facility in Ghent and in France. Inspired by the observation of six species of parrots, native to South America (Ara ararauna, Ara chloropterus, Anodorhynchus hyacinthus), Australia (Calyptorhynchus banksii), Oceania (Probosciger Aterrimus) and Africa (Psittacus erithacus), all highly valued as pets and sold, in general, at quite high prices and some of them on the verge of extinction.

“Mirage” is an encounter with the beauty of nature, with the tendency of flight, but also with aspects related to ecology, the need to establish a limit between human curiosity and its intrusion into nature, between research and preservation of fauna and flora, between the desire for closeness and the disturbance of the natural course of life in nature.

Alexandru Cinean painter

How did you make the eyes on the houses in Sibiu?

”Eye SB-you! ” is a project dear to me, especially since I’m from Sibiu, since I was a child I imagined the houses with dormers in Sibiu as fantastic characters watching over the passers-by. The project aims to promote the architectural elements specific to Sibiu, in a unique artistic version, resulting in a better animation of the city and the valorization of Sibiu’s cultural heritage. In the context of the proposed project, the city gains eyes and becomes a spectator of its own histories.

Eyes with houses from Sibiu Alexandru Cinean

The buildings come to life, metamorphose into real characters and respond to the viewer, the traveler, the explorer, becoming at the same time viewed and viewer. After quite a lot of effort, we obtained the necessary approvals from the Sibiu City Hall and the Sibiu County Directorate for Cults and Heritage, thus being the first person to place irises in the roof dormers.

I wish that in the future this project will reach a much higher level by placing these paintings made in techniques and with UV and phosphorescent pigments throughout the historic center of Sibiu.

How to tcombinescomplicated theater painting? How do you collaborate with your fashion designer fiancee? What new visual dimensions have you discovered? tin Faust etand tin the theater world, tin general?

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Collaborating with the theater naturally entered my visual world. The search for the most suitable expression to deeply and convincingly express the twisted and infinitely diverse human experiences also characterizes my plastic expression. Since ancient times there has been a strong communion between painting and theater and vice versa. Working on the exhibition Faust: Vanity and Despair I had the chance to meet and collaborate with great actors, directors, theater critics who helped me in my creative endeavour. I started experimenting with other visual ways of expression, sculpture, video, etc. I collaborate with the fashion designer Raluca Elena Coşăreanu in many projects, she makes the outfits she creates especially for my projects, styling and photos. We are a creative couple and complement each other very well in everything related to the artistic side.

How trcomplicateda t comes outâncomplicatedr independent artist tin România etand what problems they facecomplicated? How the pandemic influenced the marketÞof artcomplicated? Why don’t you rcomplicatedmas tn strcomplicatedin thecomplicatedtits etdid you return to Sibiu?

Being a visual artist in Romania is difficult, you have to go through a rather complicated path with many adventures. Contemporary art in Romania is not appreciated at the level it should be, but the world is starting to accept and purchase art gradually. During the pandemic art moved online, I was going to have some important physical exhibitions which unfortunately were canceled due to the pandemic situation. This was not an obstacle for me and I continued to work more intensively on new projects that I will expose soon. I chose to return to Sibiu, because I feel connected to this city, which has become an important artistic center in Romania.

Alexander Cinean

What are the following?complicatedall your projects?

I have several ongoing projects, in the middle of October, I will have a very interesting collaboration in Bucharest with the Creart Gallery, the Galateca Gallery and Teatrelli, and in parallel I am preparing new works for the personal exhibitions that I will exhibit in Europe.


Alexandru Cinean painter 2

2022 “Mirage”- – curator Dr. Alexandru Sonoc/ NO!HAI Creative Embassy, ​​Piaţa Mică/ Sibiu/ Romania

2021 “EYE SB-you!” – curator Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituţă/ NO!HAI Creative Embassy, ​​Piaţa Mică/ Sibiu/ Romania, exhibition included in the program of the 28th edition of the Sibiu International Theater Festival.

2021 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curators Prof. Univ. Dr. Dhc Jan DE MAERE and Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituţă/ NO’HAI Creative Embassy/ Sibiu/ Ro.

2020 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curator Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituţă and Alina Berbecaru/ Bistriţa Museum/ Romania

2019 “Waves of the Sublime” – curator Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituţă and Dr. Alexandru Sonoc/ Brukenthal National Museum / Sibiu/ Romania

2019 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curator Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituţă/ Oradea City Museum/ Romania

2016 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curators Prof. Univ. Dr. Dhc Jan DE MAERE and Dr. Alexandru Sonoc – MB-XL Gallery/ Brussels/Belgium

2016 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curators Prof. Univ. Dr. Dhc Jan DE MAERE and Dr. Alexandru Sonoc / Brukenthal Museum of Contemporary Art / Sibiu/ Romania

2012 “The Animal-Machine”, Artyourself Gallery/ Bucharest/ Romania

2007 Gallery X Future /Sibiu/ Romania


2009 “Concorso Nazionale di Pittura Gaetano Morgese” – Italy

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