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What do Romanians give their money for, even though they complain that they can’t afford any more food: sales have exploded


We are going through a period of high prices, and many of our compatriots say that they barely have enough money from one month to the next. However, Romanians do not neglect security and invest significant sums in this type of technology, fortunately!

According to an analysis on the Romanian market of security systems dedicated to the residential segment, Romanians are placing more and more value on their safety and security, even if the times we are going through have brought great pressure on families’ budgets.

Sales explosion

In 2021, this segment rose to over 220 million lei, almost 50% more than at the end of 2019, according to data from Atu Tech (a2t.ro), the largest online store for security systems in Romania.

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It seems that more and more Romanians are buying such systems, in the top of the preferences on the local market being the surveillance cameras with microphone. People are also opening their eyes to smart systems, which offer some benefits in addition to the standard ones. Specialists also say that IP cameras are also enjoying a growing popularity among Romanians.

“Surveillance cameras that include a microphone and surveillance cameras that offer color images at night, at higher and higher resolutions, are starting to become standard in Romanians’ preferences.

Another important trend is given by smart surveillance systems that can differentiate between people, animals, cars and can make intelligent motion detection, thus increasing the accuracy of the alarms sent and significantly improving security systems “, says Sorin Felea, Atu Tech director, noting that manufacturers have begun to introduce intelligent functions on consumer surveillance systems, and AI, Deep Learning and video analysis software have even reached low to medium cost systems.

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