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What does a Heinz ketchup cap look like on the inside: the 3D that makes you think of Tron or Blade Runner


It is enough to see certain images to associate, in your mind, ordinary objects with the idea of ​​”Tron” or “Blade Runner” – in reality, it is, in fact, just a 3D CT scan of some objects as commonplace, such as a Heinz ketchup cap.

A group of engineers scans different types of items every month to give a deeper insight into the engineering wonders that surround us in our daily lives and that we don’t even notice.

The latest 3D scans include a cover from Heinz which, as far as is known, would have taken its inventor 185,000 hours to build, after 45 prototypes failed.

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The lid of the Heinz ketchup, much more interesting than we could have ever imagined

We can see that we are talking about a rather complex assembly, which allows the Heinz ketchup can to be stored upside down without leaks – the design was even authorized by NASA, for obvious reasons.

In addition to the Heinz lid, the team also scanned a Sriracha nozzle that also has a distinctive design, followed by a Vita Coco lid, confirming that the inner foil does remain intact until the moment when the miniature “saw” of the lid does its job – that is, when you open it for the first time. Who would have thought that food packaging would be so interesting inside?

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In December, the team scanned three different AirPods to show how Apple’s wireless headphones have evolved. It seems that the giant has continued to rearrange the internal components of the headphones over the years, giving each generation a complete redesign.

One month later, the team uploaded scans of Nintendo handhelds.

Sensationally, the objects around us have a world of their own, extremely interesting, which this type of 3D scanning highlights and presents to us in all its splendor.

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