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What happens to Google TV and YouTube: what the new features are


After launching in 2020, the Google TV app is now available for download on iOS. If you’ve already installed your company’s Google Play Movies and TV software on your phone before, this app will replace it.

As with its Android counterpart, Google TV allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for your device with your Google TV or Android TV operating system, making it easy to enter movie titles and TV shows you want to watch. .

You can also use the app to aggregate content recommendations from various streaming services. Not all platforms are supported – Netflix is ​​missing, for example – but the fact that you can create a single watchlist for every service you pay for is useful. In addition, you can create watch lists around your favorite actors. And as you rate movies and shows, the app will refine your suggestions. You’ll also find personalized feeds with links to news, reviews, and more. Finally, there is a section dedicated to the content that you have purchased and rented from Google.

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Google TV and YouTube TV

You can see most of the functionality displayed in the iPhone that plays Google shared. You can download the Google TV app from the App Store.

Also, if you watch YouTube on TV, chances are you’ll watch that video on your phone to leave a comment or like. The company is now launching a feature that allows you to use your Android phone or iPhone as the second screen for the YouTube TV application. Tap “connect” in the mobile app, and the video will be synced between the two devices – you can comment, donate, shop, or otherwise interact with a video that plays on the larger screen.

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You’ll need to sign in to the same YouTube account on both devices. The second feature of the screen is not related to certain TV platforms, so you shouldn’t have to worry about using the “wrong” set or the media cassette.

The upgrade is an acknowledgment that you often want to do more with a video than just watch it, and that you probably have your phone in your hand while sitting on the couch. About 88% of people use a phone or tablet while watching TV, according to Nielsen data. YouTube is relatively late in this regard, but this is still a useful upgrade.

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