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What happens with roaming from July 1st: you need to know if you have holiday plans abroad


Orange customers have been notified via SMS that the internet limit available for EEA roaming is increasing from 1 July. Tariffs for breaching the fair use policy will also be reduced.

This increases the limit for the internet that we will be able to use in EEA roaming from July 1, according to the Orange operator. For reference, the new tariffs are in line with the new European Roaming Regulation.

Therefore, the internet limit available for roaming EEA at no additional cost increases, and the tariff for additional consumption decreases from 2.9 euro / GB to 2.38 euro / GB (VAT included). In this regard, charges for breach of the fair use policy will also be reduced: 0.026 / min for calls to the EEA, 0.0065 / min for incoming calls, 0.0047 / SMS and 0.00238 / MB.

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Roaming from July 1st

For several years now, access to the internet on a smartphone has become very cheap when you travel outside Romania, in the European Union. Since January 1, 2022, tariffs have dropped even more, and the obligation on this subject also exists for telephone operators in Romania.

Vodafone was the first to issue a statement on the subject last year and began sending messages to customers about reduced roaming internet charges.

“Hello! From 1 January 2022, the roaming tariff for additional EEA roaming internet traffic will decrease from 0.0036 / MB to 0.003 / MB (VAT included), according to European regulations. It will also increase the amount of data available at no extra cost in the EEA roaming included in your subscription. From January 2022 you can check the volume of data available in roaming SEE at * 123 # and in My Vodafone. For more information on the conditions of reasonable use in roaming, visit www.vodafone.ro/roaming/ ”.

This will allow European citizens to use their mobile phones at no extra cost when traveling to other EU Member States, the European Parliament, the Commission and the EU Council agreed last year.

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