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What is happening with Russian antiviruses: the announcement made by the Minister of Digitization


Romania was preparing to ban the acquisition and use by public authorities and institutions, both at central and local level, of cybersecurity-related products and services (antivirus, antimalware, firewall) from the Russian Federation or under direct control; or indirectly of an individual or company in Russia. However, a large local authority in Romania bought Russian antivirus services through public procurement. Here is what the Minister of Digitization says.

According to Profit.ro, the Romanian public authorities are purchasing Russian antivirus software because of the low prices.

“A week or so ago, a large local authority in Romania purchased, through a public procurement, Russian antivirus services, because they came at a low cost and, practically, the law forced them to contract the respective provider. But we know that the US, Italy, Germany and other European countries already have regulations that exclude these software services from the Russian area, because they leave vulnerabilities and allow government actors in the Russian Federation to intervene – or there is a risk that they will intervene – on the systems where such software solutions are placed “, says the Minister of Digitization, Sebastian Burduja, in a Profit.ro interview.

Announcement by the Minister of Digitization

The Minister also mentioned that he initiated the project that prohibits the purchase and use by the authorities and public institutions of products and services related to cyber security from the Russian Federation from the first days of his term. It also seems that Romania has not yet found a solution to pay IT specialists at the right level of the market, according to the Minister of Research.

“You can’t attract them from the private sector. Romania’s brightest minds, no matter how much patriotism they have in their souls, will eventually go to salaries 3-5-10 times higher and will probably go to the West “, says the minister. “We can no longer stay with those servers under offices, through various institutions, no matter how much some institutions would like to keep control over the infrastructure,” he added.

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