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WhatsApp function you wanted from day one, officially confirmed: what problem does it solve


WhatsApp often benefits from updates, but few of them are as relevant as they are now. Authentically, it fixes a problem with the mistakes we sometimes make in the messages we send.

WhatsApp messages will become significantly more similar to Facebook posts, in the sense that, once they have gained the opportunity to have reactions attached, they will be able to be edited, after sending. Thus, if you missed an extra letter or forgot a word, you will be able to fix this detail without sending an additional message, just by modifying the original one.

WhatsApp, significantly more useful and error-free

In a version of WhatsApp that is currently in beta and available on a limited scale, users have gained the ability to edit previously sent messages. In the context in which, not infrequently, it happens that you send a message with minor or major mistakes, this update helps you to correct those mistakes.

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At the moment, the change detailed above is only available in the Android version of the app, but given the level of importance of the change, it shouldn’t be too long before it reaches the iPhone.

As a downside to the similar functionality in Telegram, the fixes on WhatsApp do not come bundled with a history of changes. You can’t see if changing a previously sent message completely changes the meaning of the sentence or is just a correction. It is also possible that at the time of the large-scale release of the update, the change history will also be integrated into the chat application. Not for nothing, but you can find this option on Facebook, in the context in which both the social network and WhatsApp belong to the Meta group, led by Mark Zuckerberg. It remains to be seen how long it will take until we see this option in both the WhatsApp mobile applications and the desktop version of the program.

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