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When the energy giants join hands with the tech giants: the partnership that could change our lives. They already understand each other


Any crisis gives birth to opportunity. We know this from the world’s great businessmen and researchers, and the current energy crisis seems no exception.

In the midst of rising prices in energy and natural gas markets, with explosive inflation across Europe, countries in the region as well as private companies are working to improve their efficiency, increase energy independence and meet consumer demand. to his current needs.

Well, it seems that two giants, one local and one overseas, have managed to lay the foundations of a partnership, a solution that could prove extremely useful in the current sensitive conditions, but also the new criteria of exigency in green energy and the European Union’s objectives in this regard.

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It’s about the French utility company Engie and the tech giant Google. The two giants from two different industries have teamed up to increase wind farm efficiency.

What will actually happen between the two giants and what will be the effects

This “partnership” means that Engie will start using experimental technology from Google. We are talking about a modern service, based on artificial intelligence. It provides forecasts that can improve their decisions when buying and selling in the energy markets, said Larry Cochrane, director of energy solutions at Google Cloud.

The first step will be testing on Germany’s wind portfolio, according to international media sources.

“The best way to think about it is as a tool for trading recommendations,” Cochrane was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

Recall that in 2019, Google said it had partnered with DeepMind, a sister company to Alphabet Inc., to develop artificial intelligence software that could predict wind power thirty-six hours earlier. This would allow energy suppliers to schedule inputs to energy networks more accurately in time, counteracting some of the unpredictability of these types of procedures!

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For now, Engie will be the first customer to use this feature, but if it proves useful to the market, consumers and the environment, it will certainly be implemented on a much larger scale.

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