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While Finland and Sweden want it, Austria has no intention of joining NATO


While Finland and Sweden have announced that they want to, Austria does not seem at all interested in joining NATO.

In the context of the recent announcement of Finland and Sweden’s candidacies for NATO, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said on Monday that his country has no intention of joining the North Atlantic alliance.

“We have a completely different geographical situation. We also have a different history and I think that should simply be taken into account, “he told reporters at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

Austria does not want to join NATO, but considers Russian invasion of Ukraine an aggression it condemns

Schallenberg added that this does not mean that Austria is politically neutral: “There is no neutrality in a war of aggression,” the minister said, referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We have adopted a very clear position, we support all sanctions and do everything we can in terms of support”, according to agerpres.ro.

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Asked if Austria’s security could be guaranteed outside NATO, the Vienna government spokesman said his country intended to increase security investment.

The head of Austrian diplomacy said it was important to realize that “the world is not as friendly as we would like” and that there are states that are ready to use military force to support their interests.

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