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Why not close applications open on the iPhone: a gesture that doesn’t help


Over the years, the way Apple has integrated multitasking into the iPhone operating system has undergone many changes. But one thing remains unchanged, your smartphone has nothing to gain if you have made a habit of closing recent applications.

Once upon a time, double-clicking on the main button at the bottom of the iPhone and seeing recently opened apps. In recent years, since the launch of the iPhone X, it has become enough to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and hold your finger in the middle of the screen for the same purpose, to see the programs and games you’ve used in last. Also from there, by swiping up, you can close those that bother you forever. However, there is no real benefit from this obsessive-compulsive gesture.

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Why not close your iPhone apps

Use an app for a few moments on the iPhone, exit it and enter another. When you go back to the previous one, it looks like you didn’t go anywhere. Ultimately, this means multitasking, the feeling that you can jump from one program to another at any time and never lose anything in any. On the same principle, you think that when you have ten applications open, it would be better to close them, so that your Apple terminal benefits from a leap in performance.

In fact, that benefit is purely imaginary. You don’t really earn anything, because those applications, in fact and in law, do not stay behind. Instead, it automatically goes into hibernation, standby. Wait for it to return to the screen to remember what you were working on, but in the meantime, it has not used up the hardware resources of the device.

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Apple has officially introduced that mechanism only to make it easier to close apps that have crashed for one reason or another, not to fuel your obsession that just by constantly closing them you enjoy the true performance of your iPhone. .

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