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You will end up paying for Telegram: how to enrich the alternative to WhatsApp


Paid Telegram features appear in the latest beta version of the messaging app. So, it’s almost like the free WhatsApp competitor.

Thus, the messaging app may soon charge for some emojis and feedback stickers as part of a premium option. The app seems to be testing the waters for another way to generate revenue. The latest beta of iOS includes feedback emojis and stickers that users will only be able to unlock if they subscribe to Telegram Premium – a service that is not currently available.

Therefore, anyone who selects these stickers or emoji in the beta version is urged to join Telegram Premium, reports Android Police. It seems that users who receive one of the premium reactions will not see it until they sign up.

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However, no further details about Telegram Premium have been revealed. Not even the company has officially announced the service. Founder Pavel Durov clearly mentioned the need for the messaging app to make money. In December 2020, he announced that Telegram would start broadcasting ads on public channels next year. He also announced plans to add premium features for users who want to pay, such as businesses.

It remains to be seen what form Telegram Premium takes or whether the company will actually launch paid features for regular users.

Telegram, WhatsApp alternative, is making changes: how the app is improved

WhatsApp’s main competitor has released an update that comes with several new features. Notifications are in the foreground and are implemented in both the iPhone and Android applications. However, they are not valid in desktop versions either.

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Thus, the latest update of Telegram brings a series of “quality of life” news, which improve several aspects of communication. First, notifications: Telegram now allows you to set your own audio files as notifications. Specifically, in addition to the list of sounds provided by the application, the user can choose, for example, one of the songs on the phone.

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