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Young people’s voices are taken into account: what is the 3D digital platform “Express your vision” and why does it matter


The European Commission has launched a new 3D digital platform – “Express your vision” as a central component of the European Year of Youth. Specifically, it is an interactive platform where young Europeans can record their message so that their voice can be heard.

The aim of this platform is to encourage young Europeans, from all walks of life and from all corners of the continent, to express their own vision for the future, addressing a wide range of issues, from employment, inclusion, peace and security, to climate change, education , mental health and more. The “Express Your Vision” platform works as an innovative interactive space for opinions, which literally gives people the opportunity to turn on the sound and record their own personalized message, to share their opinions and ideas on topics they consider. the most relevant.

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The “Express your vision” platform is part of the European Year of Youth 2022

Therefore, the platform has been developed to respond to any message, in all official EU languages ​​(plus Norwegian, Turkish, Serbian, Macedonian and Icelandic). Thus, each voice generates its own unique 3D wave that will interact with any other recording on the platform and allow all users to listen to any voice, in any language, on any device and at any time.

On the European Year of Youth 2022, Commissioner Gabriel said: “We call on all young people to get involved and take action now. Their voices are a vital component of Europe’s journey towards better, more relevant, youth-oriented development, knowledge, innovation, opportunities and solutions. We will listen carefully and make sure that youth policies can be developed in open and more cooperative spaces and that all voices are taken into account and addressed this year and beyond ”.

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In this sense, in our country several activities have already been organized within the European Year of Youth. Also, according to the national coordinator of the European Year of Youth in Romania, Ms. Lelia Preoteasa, a total of 96 activities are planned during this year.

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