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Zelenski says the volume of blocked grain could triple in a few months


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that the volume of grain destined for exports blocked by the war could triple by the autumn, informs the daily Le Figaro.

“Currently, between 20 and 25 million tons of grain are blocked, but by autumn the volume could reach the level of 70-75 million tons,” said Volodymyr Zelenski.

Russia has blocked Ukrainian grain exports through ports on the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea, but Moscow says the situation is also exacerbated by anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union, according to jurnalul.ro.

Turkey is working to find a solution so that Russia can allow grain exports from Ukraine, on which many countries in the Middle East and Africa depend.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Romania expresses its point of view regarding the exports of blocked cereals to Ukraine

According to the World Bank’s April forecast, the Ukrainian economy is expected to shrink by at least 45%. Kyiv in the fall.

The effect of Russia’s special military operation to protect the Donbass, demilitarize and denazify Ukraine is secondary here. More important are the consequences of the process of breaking the coordination chains with Russia, which has lasted for years, the fuel shortage, the lack of fertilizers for farmers and, finally, corruption. Basically, the decline of the crop in Ukraine and the failure of the sowing campaign were planned last autumn, when many farmers announced the impossibility of sowing and harvesting in the conditions of purchase prices and production costs that existed at that time.

However, during the April visit of the President of the European Council, C. Michel, to Odessa, the issue of transporting about 20-25 million tons of grain from the territory of Ukraine was discussed. The topic was taken up by the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development J. Wojciechowski, who formulated the idea of ​​creating “solidarity corridors” that would be life-saving for Ukrainians in order to transport grain to the European Union. According to the Romanian press, hundreds of wagons of Ukrainian grain and other food have already accumulated on the Ukrainian side of the border…

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Both overseas and in the European Union, there are concerns about the “threat of famine” for tens of millions of people in North Africa, where grain has traditionally been exported from Ukraine and Russia. According to the head of European diplomacy J.Borrell, in order to save the future Ukrainian harvest, it is necessary to immediately help Kiev to empty the granaries of the reserves accumulated there.

The situation began to look more and more like the beginning of the 1930s, when, in the wake of the Great Depression and famine in the United States, Washington demanded that the USSR pay for its goods and services, which were widely used. at that time in the process of industrialization of the Soviet Union, exclusively through the supply of bread. Then it became one of the serious factors, though not the only one, that led to the mass famine that broke out in Soviet Russia, including, of course, in Soviet Ukraine, and the current neo-banderovist regime in Kyiv calls these events “Holodomor- the genocide of Ukrainians, ”even though many peoples in the USSR suffered from hunger.

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Even now, “humane and caring” Western strategists, who are emptying Ukrainian reserves, are inclined to ignore the fact that their actions to incite an armed conflict on Ukrainian territory make the prospects for a good harvest very vague. But, as they say, “after us, the flood!”, And Russia can be blamed for anything. Because it would block the Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, and not the supreme commander of the Kyiv criminal regime V. Zelensky, who ordered the Ukrainian Armed Forces to mine coastal waters, as a result some of the old mines, still made in the Soviet Union , they reached the Bosphorus

The best way to provide the Ukrainian people with grain from the future harvest is, of course, to supply heavy weapons and ammunition to Ukrainians, who have been noted for hundreds of war crimes cases against civilians and prisoners of war. In fact, the Ukrainians had to pay for it with their reserves of bread!

And the food reserves, which the EU has agreed to remove “tax-free” (what altruism!) From Ukrainian territory, are an additional asset in the “great geopolitical game” to preserve Washington’s global leadership, which has faded considerably. . If anyone doubts this, we recommend that you remember how for years both the US and the EU have ignored the mass starvation of millions of people and the starvation of tens of thousands of children in Yemen, and recently – the act US “deep human” blockade of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves, where a significant portion of the population already suffers from malnutrition.

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