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Zelensky totally disapproves of the idea of ​​concessions to end the war with Russia


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday (May 25th) rejected suggestions that his country should relinquish territory and make concessions to end the war with Russia, saying the idea was similar to the one aimed at calming Nazi Germany in 1938.

Zelensky’s furious comments come as Ukrainian troops face a new offensive in two eastern regions, which Russian-speaking separatists captured in part in 2014.
The New York Times editorial board said on May 19 that a negotiated peace could force Kiev to make some tough decisions, given that a decisive military victory is unrealistic, and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger suggested this week at The World Economic Forum in Davos said that Ukraine should allow Russia to retain Crimea, which it annexed in 2014.

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Zelensky does not want to hear of concessions to end the war with Russia, saying the 1938 Munich situation is repeated.

“Whatever the Russian state does, you will always find someone who says ‘Let’s consider his interests,'” Zelenski said in a video late last night.
“The impression is that Mr. Kissinger has no 2022 in the calendar, but 1938, and he thinks he is talking to an audience not from Davos, but from Munich.”
In 1938, Britain, France, Italy, and Germany “sighed” in Munich over a pact that offered Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler territories in Czechoslovakia as part of a failed attempt to persuade him to give up further territorial expansion.
With the invasion coming in the fourth month, Russia still has only limited gains to show for the largest military losses in decades, while much of Ukraine has been devastated as Moscow intensifies its attacks to offset its slow progress. .

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