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Zuckerberg tightens his belt: what decision could Meta make in the future?


Since the launch of TikTok on the market, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has faced enough competition issues. Obviously, the Chinese giant managed to dethrone a social network that seemed unstoppable, on the system “the king is dead, long live the king!”.

With more and more inactive users, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has found itself in the position of rethinking certain strategies and, here and there, even reducing the money it gives. The steep drop suffered by Facebook can be seen directly in the numbers. And when money is running low, you need to take steps to rebalance yourself financially, and in some places even start rethinking the concepts from scratch that obviously no longer fit into the niche requirements of the moment.

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What Meta wants to do and why he made that decision

Meta seems to take very seriously, from now on, to pay less for the news published on its social networks. Although this information has not been officially confirmed, as it was obtained “from sources” within the company, it is suspected that the giant would have made this decision precisely because of the many financial problems it is currently facing, amid competition: TikTok he is gaining more and more ground every day to Zuckerberg’s great annoyance.

With the need to reduce spending in fact, Meta cuts where it can. In fact, the decision would be very timely and in the absence of competition that gives headaches. It seems that there has been a decrease in user interest in news lately.

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Moreover, the constant modification of the Facebook algorithm, lately, did not help much the situation, the social network relying rather on the posts of “simple” users, which it prioritized.

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